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Andrea Robinson

IDOE Outreach Coordinator

Region 9

What Can I Do For You?

I would like to invite all of my Region 9 schools to include me when planning for your "next steps" as you begin thinking about your plans for this summer and next school year. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with and getting to know so many of the awesome leaders and educators this past year. I would like to be more involved at the building level in the future. I am providing a list of opportunities and examples of how you might include me in your plans. Several of the ideas included below are examples of how schools have already involved me this past year, but are not limited to only these examples. Please, let me know if you have a different way you would like to involve me in your future plans.

Examples of How I Can Work With Your School Leadership Team or Staff

  • Work with building leaders to develop walk-through forms to include targeted "Look Fors"
  • Work with instructional leaders to triangulate walk-through forms, PD time, and classroom instruction
  • Conduct an all day "Classroom Walk-Through Audit" with instructional coaches and/or principals in order to get in every classroom and then reflect on the data
  • Work with the leadership team on conducting "coaching conversations" with staff following observations
  • Work with leadership team to develop an "Instructional Toolbox" to use while conducting "coaching conversations"
  • Spend the day in the building working with teachers during their grade level meetings on a specific topic or differentiated topics that meet your teachers' needs
  • Work with staff before/after school during their PLC time
  • Work with instructional coaches to build a targeted PD for your building
  • Build and provide a professional development based on your school's needs
  • Work with the school leadership team to develop a fluid data analysis system
  • Connect your school with other specialists from the DOE
  • Work with building leaders to interpret data and then build next steps and goals
  • And much more!

Examples of Professional Development Offered

These are just a few PDs I have ready to go if they fit the needs of your staff. More than anything, I would love to work with your instructional leaders to build a PD from scratch that fits your school's needs directly!