Missouri Music Notes

October 2016

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President's message

Cooler temps are here and the leaves are starting to fall. Junior Club dues forms are due to state treasurer, Duane Langley by November 1st. Please note Liability Insurance for January 1st and beyond is due to Duane by November 15th. With American Music Month for November, here's hoping you enjoy some great music! ~ President Julie Watson
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November: American Music Month

Time to celebrate American Music Month! The National Federation of Music has declared the month of November as American Music Month. The Professor Rudolf R. A. Schramm Parade of American Music honors its founder, Ada Holding Miller, by encouraging NFMC clubs to increase programming and performance of American music; to bring more recognition to American composers; to stimulate public appreciation and awareness of American music; and to broaden the knowledge of American music. The Parade encompasses all aspects of music and was established in 1987 by the widow of Professor Rudolf R. A. Schramm.

Remember: Programs must have the NFMC logo (included below) and the following, or similar wording.”The National Federation of Music Clubs observes American Music Month annually in November through the Parade of American Music.”

Consider asking your Mayor for a Proclamation for American Music Month. Often times it's a matter of submitting your request online - do it asap! When it's issued, you could use that as an opportunity to promote your club! Take a picture receiving it - post it on Facebook or make an article for the newspaper. Great opportunity to promote your club! I'd love to see proclamations issued throughout the state!

AWARDS: $300 first place, $125 second place and $75 third place.

Do multiple activities to compete for the awards. Entry presentation quality is important. Photos of performers and displays make a nice presentation notebook.

Reporting: Reports will be due to Anne Moyer by January 15th. In the interest of postage costs, we request notebooks/snail mail entries be sent directly to Regional chair: Chris Vitt.

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2017 Liability Insurance

For all clubs and Festivals,

Now is the time to order NFMC Liability Insurance for events between January 1 and August 31, 2017 The deadline for these requests is November 15, so I need your information pretty soon. The procedure has changed again this year so I am sending you three attached documents that are used for ordering.

The first document is the order form. It is a word document and you can type in the table at the top. This document can be returned to me either as an e-mail attachment or as a printed copy. The price information is included on the page.

The second document is the NFMC Child Protection Policy. It is also a word document and you can type on the information lines. I do need an original signature on this form, so it needs to be printed and sent with payment to me.

The third document is the PDF version of Preventing Child Sexual Abuse which is reference material for the NFMC Child Protection Policy and is the same booklet sent with last year's insurance requests.

Please get your requests back to me as soon as possible.

Duane Langley, Missouri Insurance Chairman

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Music in Schools and Colleges

Music instructors, performers, and enthusiasts, let's celebrate our cities' and towns' diverse musicians and artists. As many of us plan and host performances (and/or attend our own kids musical performances!), be sure to invite your neighbors, school board and music teachers, college students and music departments to your studios' events.

Save/upload your programs, take pictures, and submit your report by April 1st, 2017. The club report form is available on the national and state websites. Every single club will find they are doing things on this form. Check it out! Submit the form!

Already in my report: I've heard the original music of my high school student composer featured in an award-winning short film. Another pianist vocalist performed in an annual Friends and Family choir concert. And my students are preparing their pieces and sending invitations to their school music teachers for recitals presented during American Music Month.

Share the ways in which you've reached out to your surrounding community with musical events and activities. All instruments, choir, musical theater, and dance are welcome to share.

I look forward to seeing all your notes!

Marschnee Strong, pianist

MFMC State Chair of Music in Schools and Colleges

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Check out the new Junior Award opportunities flyer on the website. Share with your students!
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Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. ~Plato