Power Of Words

by Jocelyn, Travis, Luke, Jd

Famous Quotes

Our famous quote deals with our theme because It states that words are more powerful and that you don't have to scream and yellow express your words and feelings. And when it said it is rain that grows flowed and not thunder it is the words are the rain and screaming and yelling is the thunder and words are more important

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Quote From The Text

Our quote form the text is ' she speaks promises, and every word stabs: if she breath were as terrible as her terminations, there were no living hear her; she would infect to the North star

The Book Thief

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Compare and Contrast

The way they are alike they both deal with the theme power of word. Also they are alike because they use words to hurt the characters and also make them feel good. One way there different the characters are adults and them going through nothing basically. And the book their I'd a little girl going through the time period Hitler was alive and using words to go through those rough times


The theme power of word even if we don't notice it we kind of already have and are using it. The way this applies to the real world is that by words we used we can make somebody's day or ruin it. And words hurt more than actions for example you get hit you forget about tit minutes later but words you get then struck in your head and over think about especially if there hurtful words