This story is about a new girl at Mica high named stargirl.


Stargirl.. She is a new girl to Mica High and we found out she becomes very popluar and she is different from others.  Leo was a guy from Mica High School he had saw Stargirl when she had came then later on they became couple. Archie is another student and he asks Leo questions about Stargirl.

Kids Pick

My favirote part of the book  is When Leo kept on walking by Stargirls  house an when Stargirl saw him he hid behind a car. This was the time they kinda started to talk thats my favirote part.

Figurative Language

Strong Verbs

But Kevin was screaming on the phone. I jumped in the family pickup and raced to the stadium. I bolted from the truck. Kevin was at the gate, windmilling his arm: "Hurry!" I threw the two dollar admission at the ticket window and we raced for the field. "See better up here," he said, yanking me into the stands.

Summary about this book

Theres a girl in this story named Stargirl, Stargirl was a new girl at Mica High and was different from others she wore bright red baggy shorts, and played her ukele at lunch to other kids. She had a rat named Cinnamon. This school used to be very calm and very quiet until Stargirl showed up. She sang Happy-Birthday to every person when its there birthday. Hillari really never liked Stargirl. Stargirl had changed her name in life since she had went to Mica high. Her first name was Stargirl then had chaged it to Susan, then had chaged it back to Stargirl. Dhe was a very popular person at Mica but then her popularity calmed down and thats why she chaged her name to Stargirl.

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