Bessie Colman

Info. from the book "Black Eagles".

Bessie Coleman

  • born January 26, 1892. lived in Atlanta, Texas
  • in 1910 at the age of 18 she enrolled at the colored Agricultural and Normal University in Langston, Oklahoma
  • in 1915 she moved to Chicago
  • got a passport on November 4, 1920
  • started sailing for England two weeks later from there she crossed the English Channel to France on a boat train then made her way to Paris.
  • The aviation school there would not let her in because two women died flying and they didn't want another to
  • the next one excepted her, and they were the most famous school
  • she received her license on June 15,1921
  • after that she flue in many air shows but never did stunts because her planes were rentals.
  • when she did get her own plane she did some stunts but not that many
  • on April 29 Coleman died from falling out if the air plane when looking around at the area to do a parachute jump.