7th Amendment

Taylor Gray

~Text of the Amendment~

In suits at common law, where the value in the controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury, shall be otherwise re- examined in any court of the united states, than according to the rules of the common law.

~Historical Background~

Back in the day, English judges were servants under the king of England. King George 3 got rid of trials by juries in the colonies. Colonists got upset and that led to the American Revolution. Framers understood how important a fair court system was. The framers wanted to make sure the right to have a trial by jury was a law of the country.

Explain this amendment in other words.

According to the 7th Amendment, you have the right to have your trial heard by a jury for civil cases in the court.

~Tull: A Polluters Right To A Jury Trial~ 1987

The government brought a lawsuit against Edward Tull in 1987. Edward Tull was accused of discharging fill into wetlands. Before the trial was set to begin, Tull demanded a trial. the 1st time, Tull demanded a trial and it was denied by the court. He then decided to take his case to another court where they would approve his case.

~Courts Decision~

The court decided that when there are damages involved, Tull has a right to a trial jury.

~Cite Source~

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I don't understand this amendment can you explain it?

The seventh Amendment gives citizens the right to have a jury trial in certain federal civil cases and prevents courts from overturning the decision of a jury.
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