By Cornelia Funke


Written by Cornelia Funke

Published by [New York]: September 23, 2003

ISBN: 9780439936088

Genre: Fantasy Literature, Mystery

Grades: 6 grade and up
Awards: No awards recieved


The basic idea is that Meggie's father Mo (AKA Silvertongue) can, by reading aloud, bring characters from a book into the real world. Unfortunately, someone from the real world is always transferred into the book at the same time. Nine years back, Mo read aloud from Inkheart and unintentionally brought all the bad people into reality, also causing Meggie's mother to disappear into the book.

When Mo read Meggie's mother into the book, a bad man named Capricorn came out. Capricorn wants the book for himself and the will go to any lengths to get it. Dustfinger, who also came from the book, warns Mo that Capricorn is on his tail, but Dustfinger longs to be put back into the story from where he came and will do almost anything to get back. But how can Mo keep the book, his last link to Meggie’s mother, safe? This is a story of kidnap, deceit, magic and murder.

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