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How to Become a Certified Facilities Manager

Facility management is a cohesive multidisciplinary job in which managers have to work on some particular areas such as coordination of space, people & organisation, infrastructure etc. Various FM institutes are involved in providing training to the students who show their interest in making career in facility management. The only way to prove yourself to be a highly qualified employee for the job is by becoming a certified facility manager.

Degree Requirements

If you wish to become a facility manager then the minimum requirement is to have a bachelor’s degree in facility management and other related fields such as construction management, engineering, administration regarding business etc. If you have achieved this much then there are chances of getting an entry level job according to your capabilities. For certification, this is the minimum requirement along with some experience.

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Experience Requirements

Experience is must to become a certified facility manager. It is inversely proportional to the degree you have. For example, if you have done masters degree then experience that is counted is around 3 years. On the other hand, if you have qualified bachelor’s degree then 4 years of experience is must. If you own an associate degree then you are required to have at least 5 years of experience and in case you have minimum high school qualification then you need 8 years of working experience.

Online certification

Many online programs are available to prepare yourself for certified facility manager. Thoroughly check out the Certified Facility Management (CFM) exam given on various links. IFMA is the most visited website by the people who are keen to become certified FM. Study material is available for free to get little overview of the course structure and once you go through them, you can buy the entire course structure if you want to. These review course sets have all the topics that will appear in the exams along with some questions of previous years that would help you in practicing.

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Application form

After going through the course structure, the next step is to fill up the application form. This form is filled in order to register you for the upcoming CFM exam. Information such as date of birth and credit card details have to be mentioned in this form and the fee has to be submitted through credit card. After registering, you can check the confirmation mail on your registered id. Visit the link mentioned over there.

Other Details

After registration the details for test centre, seats availability, timings etc will be provided to you in that link. You will get an option of “Search for seat availability” as well by which you can check the one available at your place just by entering the ZIP code and then clicking on search. This will allow you to schedule the exam accordingly. For the reservation of your seat, mention your Eligibility ID that is given in mail.

After these steps, the main game revolves around the percentage scored by you. Try to maintain above 70% so that you could receive a mail of confirmation that you have passed the exam. If the mail is received then that means you have become a certified facility manager.

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