Link and Learn Friday

Friday January 17


Seussville - I stumbled on this site completely by accident and couldn't stop browsing, the graphics and doors leading to different content are fantastic. I'm guessing that most teachers must already know about this, but I'm including it anyway because I had so much fun!


Door 24- IPAD Only (FREE!) - Don't wait to download this Math app, it may not be free for long. This common core aligned math app accommodates older grades with algebra equations. It even includes Math Review screens in case they need reminding on how to solve the problem.

However, this app is not limited to older students, it includes basic facts practice and choice of difficulty levels. And the graphics and storyline are engaging. Math fun for all ages!

Just for Fun

Budget Bytes- This young girl has a unique take on recipes and cooking. Healthy, simple, delicious recipes on a budget. She includes the shopping list and prices to make each meal. Plus her site is organized really well, with categories for each food group. You can even enter your email address and get her recipes in your Inbox as soon as she posts them.