I never realized how big my Dossier was and I still do not know how big it is. Since the moment I was born to having Facebook when I was eight or my first game and digital dossier hasn't reached its limit, it is still growing . The dossier is always going to stay there even after my death. Everything I posted, liked or shared and more is there . Amazing!
I know that when I am gone at least my Facebook status will be there. People after our generation might see how we communicated. I do not know how big my dossier is but I know it is still growing. My dossier is something that was created before I was born. Even by using a new website, it adds to my dossier. The question is where my digital dossier is and who has it ?

family info.

Watch out! Whenever our family buys stuff and uses debt or credit cards, the information is sent to the web and more is known about you. Our family's favourite shopping items and brands that we usually buy are being recorded as data.