Grand Canyon

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About Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon National Park is located in northwestern part of Arizona in the Southwestern United States. The weather is typically hot and dry inside the canyon. The North rim receives more rain and snow than the Southern rim. Typically, the South rim is 10 degrees warmer than the North rim. There are many landforms and waterways in the Grand Canyon. One waterway in the Grand Canyon is the Colorado River which carves away at the Canyon. One well known landform in the canyon is the canyon itself which can hold up to 10 Mount Everest. The Grand Canyon is 2,000,000 years old.

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About Grand Canyon by Deerfield School

Formation of the Grand Canyon

A river is a large natural stream of water which flows in a channel to a sea, a lake, or another stream. The Colorado river is the river which cuts through the Grand Canyon and ultimately flows into the Gulf of California. Over 75,000,000 years of the continuous erosion from water flowing from the west began to shape the western portion of the Canyon. The Colorado river cuts through the Colorado plateau. Water erosion moved the sediment down the river shaping the canyon. The lower part of the river was originally a gorge and formed much later than the upper river. The river is divided into 2 parts, the upper and lower basin.

Deerfield School

Formation of the Grand Canyon by Deerfield School

Did you know?

  • Grand Canyon became a park in 1880

  • From the North Rim to the South Rim the distance is 220 miles

  • The width of the Grand Canyon can hold 10 Mount Everest

  • Canyon is up to 18 miles wide and a mile deep

  • The park is 1,218,375 acres

  • 89 types of animals live in this park

  • 1,500 types of plants can be found in the canyon