Tropical Wet

It is a part of Tropical Rainy Climates

Climate Location

The location of the climate is near the equator. The climate moves in low lying lands.

Yearly Precipiteation

Large amounts of rain fall all-year-round. The rain fall is really heavy in these climates and the rain forests with it.

Seasons and temperature range

The temperature range is always in the warm to hot area. The seasonal range is in the monsoon, spring, summer, but not fall or winter

Factors Affecting Climate

The midday heating is triggering thunderstorms. The other factors is the prevailing winds, near the equator, low altitude, near large bodies of water but not to close, the seasonal wind is warm all-year-round, no ocean currents, It has an all-year-round monsoon season basically, near the bottom of mountains or on it, and no rain shadows.