Office of the Associate Superintendent of Middle Schools

January 2016

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a chance to get some much needed rest and relaxation over the winter break. On January 4th, Fulmore hosted the Academic Intervention Overview for teachers and campuses wanting to learn more about the specific plans, strategies, and materials created for whole group and small group core content interventions. These plans were presented to the principals during the December middle school principals' meeting at the UT Club. If you have additional questions regarding the materials presented, please contact the following supervisors; Charlie Gutierrez (Science), Claire Hagen-Alvarado (ELA), Jessica Jolliffe (Social Studies), and Sarah Ramirez (Math).

Middle School Choice Fair

Dr.Cruz joined the fun at the Choice Fair!

Campus Highlights

Sadler Means staff are supporting the CATCH initiative and promoting various ways for students to practice fitness and wellness. To this end, the 8th grade girls visited the Camacho Recreational Center to enjoy a 2.5 mile bike ride along the river, kayaking and archery!
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Gus Garcia has a new gym floor!

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Upcoming Events

January 2016

5 Classes Resume

12 ELA & Math Vertical PLC @ Garcia MS

15 Campus New Budget Request Forms Due to Angela Rockstead

18 Student & Staff Holiday, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

19 Window opens for Writing STAAR Release (2015)

20 MS Principals Meeting @ AISD PAC

**Barnes & Noble Educator Appreciation Days begin Saturday, January 9th and run through Sunday, January 17th. During this time, all educators in private, public and home schools, grades K-12 who have a valid Barnes & Noble Educator Discount Card, will receive a 25% discount on purchases in our store and online at bn.com.

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Monday, Feb. 15th, 8am-4pm

1925 East 51st Street

Austin, TX


On February 15th, the entire Burnet MS staff will be going to the Performing Arts Center, for an all day workshop with Austin Buffum. The focus will be on developing effective Professional Learning Communities within the campus. As stated in Learning By Doing (DuFour) "Principals will not develop their schools as high-performing PLCs unless they develop the knowledge and skills of key staff members to lead the collaborative work essential to PLCs."

Austin Buffum, EdD, has 38 years of experience in public schools. His many roles include serving as former senior deputy superintendent of the Capistrano Unified School District in California. Dr. Buffum has presented in over 500 school districts throughout the country and around the world.

If you would like to send a group of teachers or support staff please contact Kathy Redondo by January 15th. Space is limited.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Additional Professional Development Opportunities

Science and Math PD Opportunities

Please take advantage of these professional development opportunities provided by the Texas Regional Collaboratives starting in summer 2016. Teachers may participate as teacher mentors (100 hours of PD) or as cadre members (12-24 hours of PD), and a campus must have at least two participants to make a cohort. Teachers must attend a summer institute and complete additional training and activities during the school year. Teachers will receive a stipend and equipment after completing required PD. Please contact Charlie Gutierrez at 414-9747 or charlie.gutierrez@austinisd.org before January 29 to coordinate campus and district letters of commitment due on February 4.

UTeach Texas Regional Collaborative

For: 6th, 7th, 8th grade science teachers

Science Summer Institute: June 27-July 1

Application Deadline: January 29 For more information: contact Peggy Pitts at 214-906-7881 or peggypitts@austin.utexas.ed

Region XIII Texas Regional Collaborative

For: 6th and 8th grade science teachers and 7th grade math teachers

Science Summer Institute: July 11-15

Math Summer Institute: within July 18-29

Application Deadline: January 29 For more information: contact Shawna Wiebusch at 512-919-5368 or shawna.wiebusch@esc13.txed.net


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MOYII - Writing STAAR Released Test Update

The window for the Writing STAAR released test opens January 19, 2016. In order to collect the most accurate information on student achievement, it is critical that the testing environment mimic the real deal. The assessment needs to be administered in one, four hour block. Creating a calm, quiet setting with minimal distractions is best. The test will include 30 questions including 1 essay (expository). The 2015 Writing STAAR released test has been shortened, however, none of the questions have been altered.

STAAR A The Assessment team is creating Accommodated MoYII tests online in Schoolnet and adding the voice recordings. This is currently in progress and more information will follow. To best prepare our students that will be taking the test online and using the computer to write the essay, they will need frequent opportunities to create and write within that format. Our SPED students count.

STAAR writing administration should be scheduled January 19 - 22. The window will be extended, for scoring purposes only, until Friday, January 29.


A few campuses needed additional time to submit the essays. The new deadline is January 15, 2016. Please contact Creschenda Horton email: Creschenda.Horton@traviscountytx.gov phone: (512) 854-5650. She will arrange to come pick up the essays.


MAY 27, 2016 is our last Staff Development day of this school year. If you are interested in having Solution Tree present at your campus the Middle School Office will pay the tab! Please contact Kathy Redondo if you are interested.
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