Not a Drop to Drink

By: Mindy McGinnis

Would if your children had to kill for water?

"Lynn was nine the first time she killed to defend the pond (McGinnis 1).

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Living in a world with barely any water, Lynn and her Mother have to protect their pond. They will guard it until they die, even if killing is involved. Yet, when Mother dies Lynn is forced to protect her pond by herself. On the horizon there is a haze of smoke, which could only mean one thing: strangers. Lynn has exactly what they want and they will not stop pushing for it until they get it.

Could you survive this?

"Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink (McGinnis 33)."


" A brutally beautiful debut, not to be missed. Not a Drop to Drink is an unwavering story with incredible drama, danger and power. This writer is for real" -- Michael Grant (New York Times bestselling author of Gone series)

"... I can't say enough good things about the writing, and the characterization. If you're looking for grit, realism, and heart, you found it."-- Kendare Blake

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Person behind the tell

Mindy McGinnis grew up in the woods. Since she was little she wondered if she could ever live out there alone and with no water. Yet she never found her self in the situation, she decided to write a book about it called not a drop to drink. This book shows how she pictured life without a lot of water. Mindy McGinnis is coming out with her sequel IN A HAND FULL OF DUST!

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