Yoga for Animals!

Bikram Yoga for the love of Animals

You’ve heard about it, you’ve thought about it, now it is time to try it for a cause.

Inspired and created for the love of animals AMAR ANIMALES invites you to join us through a calm, invigorating, challenging and vibrant yoga experience that will make you sweat, relax and love a little more...All event proceeds to benefit AMAR ANIMALES save pets programs.

Bikram Yoga is a ninety-minute therapeutic series of 26 hatha yoga asanas (yoga postures) and two breathing exercises performed in a heated room. The sequence has been designed to exercise every muscle, organ, tissue and gland of the human body. In combination with the heated environment, the Bikram Yoga posture series is a practical system of disease prevention and health maintenance. This yoga is for everyone. If you want to increase your flexibility, strength, recover from injury, improve your health, relieve stress and change your life, Bikram Yoga is for you.

Yoga for Animals!

Sunday, Aug. 17th, 2-3:30pm

1050 N Citrus Ave

Los Angeles Covina, CA

Please bring:

  • Large towel
  • Small wash cloth
  • Large bottle of water
  • Yoga Mat (Mat rental is $1 and are limited)

Be prepared to enjoy a wonderful experience; very therapeutic for the mind, body and soul. The class is challenging so be prepared:

  • Don't eat 3 hours before class
  • Drink plenty of water before class
  • Plan on staying for the entire 90 minute class

Event Fee:$15

Space is limited.

For immediate reservation register below or to make a contribution visit:

For further details contact: Marcia Salazar

(Please note that this is not an event for animals to attend)

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