Tropical Rainforests

By: Ryan Swanson

What is a Tropical Rainforest?

The Tropical Rainforest Biome is a biome found mostly in South America and parts of Asia. This biome is very diverse in its plant and animal life. In a lot of rainforests worldwide, people are starting to cut down trees for money. These people need to be stopped, they are not only killing the trees, they are killing all of the animals of the rainforests and causing major erosion.


The plant life of Tropical Rainforests is more diverse than any other biome on the Earth. All of the plants there are colorful, none of them are ever brown. There are tons of different types of trees, shrubs, and flowers, and they cover everything. you can barely see the ground when walking through one. some examples of plants are Strangler Figs, Coconut Trees, and the Kapok Tree.


The plant life of Tropical Rainforests are just as diverse as the plant life. There are hundreds of different species of mammals, arachnids, reptiles, and insects. They all work together, keeping the food web from collapsing. If you ever go to a Tropical Rainforest, you will see all the animals there, including Wild Elephants, Snakes, including the King Cobra, orangutans, and many other things.


The climate of Tropical Rainforests is very interesting. it is almost seventy degrees the whole year, and it rains almost two-hundred and fifty centimeters a year. all of this rainfall makes the Rainforest very humid and foggy. this can make for some Beautiful photos, though. Because of all of this rainfall, the plants all thrive, and they never die in the winter. speaking of the winter, it pretty much never happens. It always stays warm and moist.