Events-Kira's Gift

BMS Summer Reading Assignment - Adriano Lopez

Kira's Gift

Kira's ability to see into the future was another one of the things that stood out to me. She used her gift to help her and Matty move through the Forest. She was able to receive Leader's messages and responds back with their location. She was also able to see they were building a wall at her father's Village.

This gift she possessed was instrumental for Leader finding her and Matty in the Forest. This power was helped received the message sent to her by Leader to instruct Matty to use his power to heal the Earth, which he did. The gift also aided Leader finding her and Matty's lifeless body in the Forest. If it wasn't for Kira's gift, both her and Matty would have perished in the Forest.

Ultimately Leader was able to find both Kira and Matty, was able to carry Matty's body back to the Village, and helped save the world.

I personally think, if I was ever to have a gift, I would prefer it to be that of Kira's because of her ability to see into the future, be able to paint portraits in her head and her ability to communicate with others via telepathy.