Ice Hockey

By: Ryan Aguirre


Ice hockey is played with two teams trying to score on the other team's goalie. It is played on an ice rink and is played by all ages.

Hockey's history

Ice Hockey started in Canada in the 19th century. In Europe there were similar sports. Before there was a puck people used a ball to play and then later they changed the ball to a puck. Two McGill university students made the first rules. The McGill university hockey club was formed and then it became a Canadian sport and it spread. The Governor General of Canada donated the stanly cup and was won by Montreal team. When ice hockey spread to Europe it became an Olympic sport and was played on summer.


1.elbow pads


3.shoulder and chest padding skates

5.leg pads hockey helmets sticks

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Garth Vaughan

Hockey was born in Windsor (Nova Scotia ,Canada). First hockey was called ice Hurley then they changed the names to ice hockey. They used a stick and a ball to play. Then later the ball was replaced by a puck.

Hockey leagues

1. Nhl-National Hockey League

2.Ahl-American Hockey League

3.Echl-East Coast Hockey League

4.Sphl-Southern Professional Hockey League

Types of Hockey Championship Trophies

Nhl-Stanly Cup

Ahl-Calder Cup

Echl-Kelly Cup

Sphl-President's Cup