Cloning and the Food Industry

(Or How I Learned to Play God)

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I Must Consume

In today's society, everyone overeats. The average portion size has quadrupled since the 1950's. We aren't correctly farming our animals, we're using more as food than we should, leading us on a bad path. It'd be way too hard to get people to eat less, so I propose a new solution, cloning.

Hello, Dolly!

Cloning may seem like a far off, sci-fi idea, but it's really not. They were cloning back in the 90's! They started out with plants and vegetables, but finally worked their way up to cloning animals. The process is much less complicated than it sounds. They took a body cell from the sheep they wanted to clone, an egg cell from another, exchanged the DNA and put that egg cell into a surrogate mother. Five months later, Dolly was born.

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To work on a project like this, you'd need to be a researcher. Research would need to be publicly funded through donations or funded by your own money. It's better to do that than to be funded by the government, then you'd have a lot more restriction, not to mention id'd be a long process to get the funding.

Training, Education, and Payment

To be able to be a researcher, you'd need to reach certain qualifications. For this specific project, you'd need a PhD in biotechnology, experience in scientific research, and a KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, gives you more experience in the industry). It'd also be desirable that you have knowledge of and experience in the food industry (and possibly experience with livestock). Researchers' salaries would be around $70,000 (based on statistics from


Once cloned meat is perfected, tested, and approved, we'll be able to sell it. Finally we'll see our "test tube" beef on the shelves, and that's when we make our money. We'll shift our focus from research to farming our cloned animals.

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