Hallway Safty

Andres Garcia, Grace Lawton, McKayla Shikany

Questions To Ask Yourself

Are you ever afraid of going in the hallways? Are you afraid that you might get injured by passing students rushing towards there class? We think the passing periods should be extended from 4-6 minutes

Problem and Solution

Our problem is crowded hallways, people can get hurt badly if people are messing around. Also people need more time to go to their locker and go to the restroom if needed. Our solution is making passing periods longer from 4 minutes to 6 minutes.

The effects of the New hallway rules

The new rules for the hallway would prevent students from feeling rushed and it would allow for less stress during there school day. And many students will be on time and will not get accidentally injured by rushing students in the hallways.

The Effect of the new hallway rules

Students wont feel much rushed while going towards there next class period and many students will have less stressed school days. Some students have many classes far away and have to sometimes run just to get to there class but these students may get injured and when this is prevented many students will have time to get to there next class with out running.