Are They Created Equally?

A Closer Look at Attributes

Go to Eduphoria and choose Formspace from the main menu, then click on the "documents" tab on the upper left side. Once in documents, choose the Gifted and Talented folder. Then choose the fourth choice from the top under the GT folder. It is called, "Attribute Checklists-Teacher". In this document, you will find the various teacher surveys teachers are asked to consider and complete when a student is referred for testing.

Take note of the comment section listed at the top of the page indicating the meaning of the color coding. Explore each survey, then choose two surveys to compare attributes of the two student populations as indicated by the questions asked on the survey.

Please give the surveys careful thought, and make an in-depth, thoughtful comparison; as you would ask the same from your students:) Create a thinking map of your comparison, and save it to the shared Google folder, titled Cluster Teacher Update Hours/Are They Created Equally? You can create a thinking map in your Drive using Google Drawings/Docs, or write it and scan. If you need help, I'd be happy to help, however, I'd prefer all electronic correspondence, as I don't have enough space in my room to store paper forms. Please be sure to include your name and date on the thinking map, as well as send me a follow-up email letting me know you have uploaded a document.