Fiddler Update: Sets and Costumes

February 17

Big News!

Mrs. Barkman is picking up the costumes tonight!

Her goal is to distribute costumes to people who brought in their costume money TOMORROW!

Reminder: costume money should be labeled in an envelope with your name.

Reminder: You still need black or brown shoes (not sneakers), and you need thin black pants clothes for easy costume changes. People with microphones need Lycra bicycle shorts.

Painting and Set Building

Mrs. Barkman asked me to share that we will be working on scenery during rehearsals, even during the week. We appreciate all the help we can get. On Saturday, she will be in around 8 a.m. (We are trying not to extend painting and set building after rehearsal on Saturday...)

Every Actor and Actress is Important!

Even in the background, look at what a difference great hand movements can make!

We need you at rehearsals in the last two weeks. We have less than ten rehearsals before the show!

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