Paridise Lake

Marble Mountains

Plant Life

Russian Wilderness offers a richness of forbs, shrubs and trees unlike anywhere else in California. The Russian Wilderness boasts a concentration of 17 conifer species in the Duck Lake Botanical Area, possibly more than anywhere else in the world. These conifers include the rare sub-alpine fir, Brewer’s or “weeping” spruce, white bark and foxtail pines.

Topo Map

Activity:HikingNearby City: Fort JonesLength: 15.2 miElevation Gain: 3,700 ftSkill Level: Moderate to strenuousDuration: 2 daysSeason: Best late June to mid-OctoberTop Elevation: 6,180 ft


 Follow Highway 3 for 16 miles to Fort Jones. Turn right on Scott River Road for 14.1 miles and follow pointers for Indian Scotty Campground. Follow paved road 44N45 for 5.6 miles to a junction. Following a pointer for Paradise Lake, go straight on gravel road 44N44 for 6.9 miles to the Paradise Trailhead, staying right at a fork at the 5.5 mile mark.