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Create a College Life box- Feel home away from home!

Create a College Life box- Feel home away from home!

Growing up is not easy! With it comes a world of responsibilities, new duties and added stress and work. Transition from school to college life is exciting and fun but also brings in apprehensions and weak moments. Additionally, for those moving out of the comfort of their parent’s home and going to live alone in a new city, new house and new location; it can be a nerve wrecking situation. Well, it’s a part of life and it’s a part of growing up.

In college you are greeted by a whole new world! You are surrounded by deadlines, projects, pressure and a whole lot of adventure. Sometimes, the feeling of loneliness or the craving to be ‘back home’ might sweep over. It’s normal and this is what makes us value what we call ‘home’. To ease this stress and add a homely feeling to every college student’s life we have come up with the idea of a college life box. So what is it? Well, it a box full of goodies- food items, snacks, supplies, games and a lot more! And how does it work? Simple, you choose the products you want to fill in to the box or you choose one of the assembled boxes from our list and send it out to your college student. Fun, right? We call it a college life box because it comes to life when mixed with the feelings and emotions of the sender and the happiness on receiving it!

We give you the option to choose one of our college subscription boxes or customize your own. All the goods and products we offer on our list are from award winning brands as well as local businesses. So you can add the feeling of home away from home by choosing the favorites and the most missed items of your college student. The next option we give to you is, choose a onetime box full of supplies or a monthly subscription of goodies. At GradBin we hope to spread happiness and make life surprising. We want college students to look forward to something special, something that gives them the hope and encouragement to move ahead and be strong in every situation. It’s a small gesture to big smiles!

We work with brands like Starbucks, ChocXO, Tide, Project 7, and local businesses to make the perfect monthly college subscription box for students. We are fairly new in the market but glad and proud of the response we have received. Our dedicated services, combined with quality and customer satisfaction have helped us reach a vast audience. It is a great idea, after all! Imagine being the student and receiving this box every month, how can it not bring joy and happiness! So whether you choose it for your children, your friends or your siblings, it’s a great way to show the student that they are missed and special. Now that’s encouraging!

It’s a simple process, you first choose the original GradBin College Life Box or build you customized box. If you choose a subscription college box, choose for how many months- that’s it! You are ready to send or receive your college life box! Everyone loves receiving gifts and gifts for college students hold a special place! It’s the thought behind the box that makes it so special. At we offer not just goodies but a world of possibilities that aim at pure happiness. We are also active on Social Media platforms, so people can share their experiences and post their surprise stories. It just brings more and more life into our business and our boxes! You too can visit our website or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. Our social media for Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook is @gradbin, and our Twitter is @officialgradbin.

We honestly believe that these college life boxes are a great way to support academics and stay connected with the family. There are many ways of staying connected- phone calls, mails etc. but this is a unique way that does not use words and only exhibits emotions! As it’s said, ‘It’s the thought that really counts’.

And how do we know this feeling? We know it because team GradBin is a team of college students! We are a small, woman-owned, deaf- owned business for and by students! We are investing all our time, money and passion in making this a grand success. Each college life box is packed by hand, taking in consideration all needs and requests. Our team is dedicated and always available to chat with interested clients and customers. We are also open to feedback, local business suggestions, and contributing to charities. We believe in no outsourcing and no exploitation.

Visit us, let’s spread joy together!

We own a subscription box business called GradBin; The College Box, for college students. Our website is Our social media for Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook is @gradbin, and our Twitter is @officialgradbin. We are brand new, and looking to create SEO.