Hurricane Katrina

Friday November 16 2012 Anna Briggs

What is a Hurricane?

A hurricane is a very powerful storm. A hurricane can destroy buildings, homes, and forest. A major hurricane can destroy towns and cities. To be classified as a hurricane the winds must be over 75 mph. If the winds are not over 75 mph then it would be classified as a tropical storm. Hurricanes are deadly and they destroy homes and lives. This image shows a satellite image of Hurricane Katrina

Formation and Strength

Hurricanes develop over warm water. A hurricane forms over an ocean or a sea. When a hurricane moves over land the hurricane loses strength because it does not have warm water for energy. Hurricanes season is around mid August to late October. Hurricanes also produce tornadoes. The tornadoes only last for a few minutes and they only do minor damage. This Image shows a hotel destroyed by Hurricane Katrina

Naming Hurricanes

Hurricanes are the only storm that are given names. There are six different name list that alternate. When a Hurricane does extreme damage the name on the list is replaced. In 1979 they started to use men's names on the list too. Before 1979 they only used women's names on the list

Categorizing Hurricanes

When you classify a hurricane, you scale it from one to five. When a hurricane is minor it would be a one. When a hurricane is major it would be a five. A category one hurricane has mild damage and 75 to 94 mph winds. A category two hurricane has 95 to 110 mph wind and does moderate damage. A category three hurricane has 110 to 130 mph wind and does extensive damage. A category four hurricane has 131 to 150 mph winds and does extreme damage. A hurricane with winds higher than 155 mph winds is a category 5 hurricane and does extreme damage. This Image shows the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina

A Famous Hurricane

For my famous hurricane I chose hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina made landfall as a category 3 hurricane, but it turned into a category 5 hurricane with 75 mph winds. Katrina cost about 75 billion dollars. There was over 1200 reported deaths caused by Katrina . Katrina made landfall in 7 different states. This image shows a tracking map of Hurricane Katrina

Hurricanes destroy buildings, houses, and lives. Hurricanes are extremely powerful storms. Hurricanes are deadly and they destroy homes and lives