That coaster

Yes, that is what its called.

Facts about that Coaster

The roller coaster we made uses a ton of different forces and all of newtons laws.

The energy it uses

One of the types of energy that coaster uses is potential and it turns into kinetic energy.

The forces it uses

Like i said some of the forces acting on you are gravity which is pulling you to the ground the other is acceleration which is you going faster over time.

Type of motion.

The type of motion it uses is straight line motion because its traveling in a straight line.

How Newton's laws affect it.

Newton's 1st law: When it stops it is at rest and when it moves a force is acting on it. Newton's 2nd Law: A chain or pulley system is an unbalanced force. Because it is an unbalanced force, it is able to change the roller coaster's motion and pull it up a hill.

Newton's 3rd Law: While the cars are pushing on the rails the rails are pushing back onto the cars.

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