Algebra II

Welcome back!

Welcome To Algebra II with Ms. Vogg

I am thrilled to be starting another school year at Waukesha North High School!

Each week, I send out an update on what we are working on in class and a schedule for upcoming formatives and summatives to ensure we are all on the same page. If there is any other important class information, I will include that as well.

I know you receive a lot of information at the beginning of the year. Next week, I will send out an email regarding grading policies in Geometry. If you are interested in reading these policies now, they are available on Blackboard.

If at any time you or your students have any questions or concerns about the course, please let me know! I want to help your student be successful and grow in his/her mathematical understanding!

What Do I Need for Algebra II?

- Your iPad

- A pencil

- Your note packet (which I will give out in class)

- A calculator

- A positive attitude

Classroom Expectations

Be respectful.

Be prepared.

Be productive.

School Policy: Cell Phones

Cell phones are not allowed to be out during class. If a student has his/her cell phone out, on the

1st offense: Teacher takes the phone for the remainder of class.

2nd offense: Teacher takes the phone for the remainder of the day.

3rd offense: Teacher gives the phone to the main office, and the student's parent/guardian must come to pick up the phone.

Parents/Guardians, please, do not call or text your students during class. If it is necessary for you to get in contact with your student during class, please call the main office.

School Policy: Tardiness

To be on time, students must have two feet in the door otherwise the student is tardy.

3rd Tardy - Phone call home.

5th Tardy - 15 Detention with teacher before or after school.

10th Tardy - Referral to the office.