Technology at Lineville

By: Bergen Peters

Typing Web

  • In typing web we where required to pass all the sections in the intermediate course by the end of the first semester or the first 2 quarters.
  • There are 11 sections in the intermediate course, but even though there are a lot of sections they aren't very hard all you have to do is focus.
  • Typing web is all about focus and concentration.
  • If you can do that and get through the intermediate course early you can get your picture on the wall, how cool!

Career Locker

  • In career locker your counselor with come into technology class, your counselor uses 5 days to help you prepare for your future.
  • With career locker you do all different types of activities. This is to get you thinking about your future and the job you want to work at.
  • If you are logged into career locker on the Middle School site you can find captain career. If you find captain career you can enter to win raffle prizes!


  • In coding you get to play all sorts of mini games where you have to use code bricks to make the character do all sorts of things.
  • We do coding in technology to help us understand computers more and how the programs on them are well, programmed.
  • Coding is fun but it requires a lot of focus to piece the different bricks of code together to make the character move or do something else.
  • It is always best to read what the computer is telling you and to watch the videos, have fun.

Explain Everything

  • With Explain Everything you can create all sorts of projects, but in technology we used it to record ourselves solving a math problem.
  • In Explain Everything we were required to have at least 2 slide. I used the 1 for the problem, the second for solving the problem, and I used a 3rd slide for the answer.
  • There are 8 different math problems that you get to choose from, remember you can only choose one.


  • In the app iMovie you have the choice to create a iMovie or an iTrailer but for technology we had to do an iTrailer with photos that we took, not photos that were copied from the internet.
  • When I created my iTrailer I did it on something that I loved but you could also do it on something that you can easily get pictures of.
  • After you create your iTrailer you have the choice of sharing your video with the rest of the class.

Haiku Deck

  • With Haiku Deck you can create slideshows, and in technology you create a Haiku Deck on your dream job.
  • You have to have at least 10 slides in your Haiku Deck, you are given instructions on what you need to put in the 10 slides.
  • Your Haiku Deck slideshow has to have some interesting facts, payment, how long you have to go to college and a lot more information about your job.