Apollo: God of Many

By: Will Flint

Apollo's family connections, friends and enemies

Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto(a Titan goddess), twin brother of Artemis and nephew to Poseidon and Hades. He is the father of Phaeton, Aristaeus, Troilus, Linus, and Orpheus.

  • Friends: The Pythia, Poseidon, Dionysus, Hermes
  • Enemies: Hera, Eros, Agamemnon, Niobe, Marsyas, Orion

What he was in charge of

Apollo was in charge of many things he was known as the Archer,

the god of music, Pythia, prophecy, healing, light, truth, and was also known for giving the science of medicine to man. Apollo's most important daily task was to harness his four-horse chariot in order to move the sun across the sky.

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