20 years from now...

Will Canada be the greatest country to live in 2035?

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We all know Canada's current situations regarding birth, death and natural increase rate, population status' and the Canadian First Nations current issues but, what about in a few years? Here I will be giving my predictions on how Canada will be in 2035 in regards to how the population will change, the fertility and life expectancy rate at that time and how the First Nations issues change for the better of for the worse and if these predictions lead to Canada being the greatest country to live in by the year 2035.

Well, Right Now...

Canada’s average immigration rate annually has been a consistent 250 000 for about 23 years, this high intake has had major negative economic consequences for Canadians who are looking for work because many of Canada’s own unemployed are forced compete with the new immigrants coming in. Along with that, Canada's population is pretty large as it is, currently there are approximately 40 million people living in Canada and our population growth rate is at 1.238%.

The First Nations that are living in Canada presently are in a very negative situation, they are so because of multiple reasons such as the fact that they are still fighting in court about the agreement they had with the Canadian government regarding their share of land or the fact that disputes over things like natural resources are a growing problem between Canada and the First Nations which is resulting in tension and distrust.

Here is a graph showing Canada's population growth from 1995 to 2011

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And the Fertility Rate?

Considering the fact that Canada's fertility rate is slowy decreasing I believe it's safe to say that eventually the population will decrease as well. The children that are being born at this time will be around the reproductive age by 2035 and the current reproductive age will be beginning to die off which means that as they are dying off, the population will get smaller. With Canadian's talking that into consideration, I think they'll need to, and will start having more children for many reasons, such as;

  • Since the reproductive age of this time will be starting to die off by the year 2035 the population will decrease greatly, meaning that the new reproductive age will want to start increasing their birth rate to even out their population.

  • If the new reproductive age at that time doesn't start to increase the population Canada will have problems in the future, like there being too many jobs that are available but not enough people to fill them.

  • Also, with the lack of jobs being filled, comes a lack of resources. Without there being people to work means that there won't be anyone to produce our basic needs like food, water and shelter.

With this in mind I feel that as the Canadian population will begin to decrease, it creates more space for immigrants to come in. The decrease in population would make Canada a great place for immigrants and current citizens to live in.

Here's a graph showing the fertility rate in Canada 1921 to 2011

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Living Situations for the First Nations People

As of right now the First Nations current situation with Canada is not very good, and I feel that by the year 2035 it won't improve.

Currently the First Nations are fighting for promises that were made to them in the Indian Act by the Canadian government, and so far they aren't making any progress.

By the time the year 2035 comes around I think that most of the First Nations living in Canada will have died and the descendants of those First Nations may not even know of the Indian Act or what they were promised, and if it is still a known thing among the First Nations that are left, I feel that eventually they will realize that the Canadian government is not going to make any changes to improve the First Nations way of life and so they will decide to end the fight.

On the other hand if there are still some First Nations that have chosen to continue to fight for their fights, I still believe that there will not be enough to be able to make a difference for or that they will even be looked at by the Canadian government.

So, despite the fact that Canada could become a great place to live for immigrants and current citizens, it is most likely it will not improve for the First Nations people due to their current living conditions.

A Sustainable Country?

A country requires many things and aspects in order to be sustainable, a few things that a country may need would be durable construction, access to healthy food, renewable energy and much more. A country would need durable buildings that are safe and secure for residents. Healthy food is main source of good health, if people were healthier and more active social tensions in society will be at a minimum. Renewable energy is where we should start to build our future, global energy crisis' can be avoided by fossil fuels being replaced we renewable energy sources. Overall it takes a lot to create the "perfect" sustainable country, and there are many things that it would require. As of right Canada is searching for ways to maintain Canada's sustainability in different ways, such as carbon capture and storage, minimal usage of water and finding alternatives to it instead, preservation of land and forest in areas and so much more. If Canada continues its research and discovers more things that it can do as a country as time goes on, by the year 2035 Canada will definitely be the greatest country to live in.

As a Whole Canada is and Will Be...

Canada is a very safe and secure country, absolutely no wars take place in Canada and this country as a whole is doing a very good job of keeping it that way. I believe that Canada is the greatest and safest country to live in, and I also believe that it will remain this way for many years, I feel this because of multiple reasons, for instance, Canada has free health care, and although that comes with higher taxes, I for one don't mind paying them, if it ensures that someone will be able to get the health care and treatment they need. Furthermore, Canada is a very accepting, positive, polite and diverse community. Canada does not discriminate against races, religions or cultures. In addition, Canada is already do far ahead with the acceptance of homosexuals, Canada has legalized gay marriage, which is more than anyone can say about other countries. Beyond that, Canada is a very safe environment, and that's why people move here, people are able to walk through their neighborhood without any worries, whereas a lot of countries it's unsafe to even leave your home. Correspondingly, Canada has a lot of, and better, job opportunities and education routes that allow you to aspire to become anything you want. Although it takes a lot of work to be able to come here, I feel that it is truly worth the struggle, wait and patience. I believe that living in Canada means that you're safe, you have freedom, living here enables you to choose any path in life you desire and living here allows you to be the happiest you can be, if you set your goals and make smart choices.
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