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April 11, 2016

Last Week for Foundations & Essentials

This Wednesday is the last day for our Foundations & Essentials program. The morning will proceed as usual (except for those students that will be completing Memory Master proofs) followed by a yummy lunch at noon. This lunch is for ALL families in our community. After lunch, our Essentials students will be presenting their Faces of History speeches. We would LOVE for as more families as possible to stay and watch. The students have worked very hard on these research papers and will present the information in first person. It will be a lot of fun to watch as the students put a lot of effort into not only their papers and presentations, but also on costumes.

This is an excellent showcase of what the Essentials program provides. You will get to see what learning how to Key Word Outline, write good sentences that contain quality adjectives, strong verbs, and rich vocabulary looks and sounds like. If you have a child that will be turning 9 in the near future he/she will be eligible to join Essentials, and I highly encourage you to stay and watch at least a few speeches.

End of Year Celebration

I though about presenting certificates to all students this Wednesday after Faces of History, however, I have heard from a few families that they will not be able to stay all day, which is completely understandable. Not to mention that it would really make for a long day for our young families with babies and toddlers. That being said, please keep an eye out for a date for our EOY Celebration. This will be a short ceremony, I promise. The celebration will end with some light refreshments that will be completely supplied by me, so no need to worry about bringing food or drinks again in a few weeks. :-)

Registration for 2016-2017

Our community is filling up quicker than I expected. This week alone, I have received 11 registrations from families new to CC or moving from another community. If you plan to attend next year, please print out the forms and send in your registration fee as soon as possible to ensure that there is room for everyone.


Registration fee: $85/ first student, $55/each additional student

Tuition: $335/year

Supply Fee: $50/student

Facility Fee: $55/family

Insurance Fee: TBA


Fees are the same as Foundations, with the exception of the supply fee, which is only $20/student.

Clicking on the grey box below will take you directly to the 2016-2017 registration forms.

Director's Contact Info

Crystal Hurst