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Future plans

In the future I am going to become a sales engineer because it pays great and it's something that I know I would be interested in pursuing

Personality test

I think jalen young is a cool guy who is calm most of the time.i think he is a charming young man who doesn't let obstacles get in his way.He is a hard worker with a great mindset. Jalen young is respectful,but his emotions can take over and cause him to make terrible decisions. His color result ca,e out to be green which means he is an independent thinker and he is appeared to be older than his years. He is a caring, courageous young man. I chose jobs like soil and water conservation or fitness a,d wellness coordinators are an example an activity allowing me to help people or the environment. These jobs relate to me because they are mostly are mostly about helping people and the environment. The jobs are very active jobs too, which I like because I'm always moving. These jobs require leader ship which I'm perfect for. These jobs are very likely for me in the future
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^personality results

List of 10 jobs energy installation manager

2.sales engineer

3.information technology projects manager

4.Instructional designer and technologists

5.climate change analyst

7.cheif sustainability officers

8.fraud examiners,investigators and analyst

9.public relations specialist

10.soil and water conservation

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I think sales engineer would be a great fit for me because my father was an engineer and I would like to experience being one. I think that it's something I would love and enjoy doing.

My father went to college for engineer and his dad taught him how to fix things. I know he wasn't a sales engineer he was a different type of an engineer


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I decided that I am going to be attending the university of Texas a&m because it was the cheapest school and it is a great university that has both a great academic and football facilities. I honestly love this university and think I will succed here
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I'm a sales engineer so I make $96,340 and my annual salary needed is $62,961 so I would still have money left over for extra activities and that makes me very happy because I don't have to worry about having to run off and find another career that will make my life hard but pays good but instead I'm able to put all my time in a job that I love and pay good.