How to citations

Sammy Cornelius

How to do a website citation (MLA)

Find the author, last name then first.

Then title of article.

website in italics.

web sponsors.

date last update.


date accessed.

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How to get free pictures

Free pictures are on MourgeFile

No need to have a citation!

Here is a sample picture from morguefile


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Avoid Plagiarism

To avoid plagiarism you just have to give complete credit to the original owner.

By using MLA or paraphrasing or quotation names.

?What's the difference?

Plagiarizing- Taking someone elses' work and not saying that you used it.

Paraphrasing- basically changing up the words in a authors piece.

Summarizing- Not to be confused with the above this is shortening the article.

Quote- When you take something in a authors piece but put it in "I like pie" - Bobby Joe

Is it creditable?

If it ends with .com and .wiki are not reliable!

If it ends with .edu, .gov, .org its probably good.

But no matter what check when it was last updated and the information back it up with other websites. Not everything in the internet is true.

Good search terms

Really future me?

Who lives in china whats the population?

more like

Population china


races china.

USE advanced search.

Dont do world war II


Invasion of Normandy.

Make it simple dude. Just do it.