Attractive Carnations

Can plants become magnetic?


I think that the carnation will not become magnetic because the iron filing particles at to big to be soaked up by the carnation.


+Iron Filings



+2 Cups

+6 carnations



1.Place carnations in cups.

2.Pour water in each cup.

3.Pour the iron filings inside and stir.

4.Everyday replace the water, cups, and iron filings and use a magnet to see if magnetism has occurred.

5.Record your results.


Day One-The water became rusty as I expected.I changed out the water, cup, and iron filings. The flowers are still very alive.There has not been any changes in magnetism.

Day two- The water became rusty again and I changed everything out again. It does not seem like the flowers have become magnetic and the filings are at the bottom.

Day Three-The flowers have NOT become magnetic.Today concludes my investigation.

As I hypothesized, the flowers did not become magnetic.


The flowers did not become magnetic. The flowers did not even drink the iron filings they just sank to the bottom.


My hypothesis was correct, the carnations did not become magnetic because the iron filing particles were not soaked up because they were too large and because they sank to the bottom. Next time, I'll measure the amount of iron filings and water in each cup and do the experiment longer.

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