2014 Top Gold IRA Rollover Revealed

List of the Top Gold IRA Rollover Companies

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I’m Donny Gamble Jr. I created this flyer to share this vital information with my fellow Americans. On this chapter, I’ll let you know the reason why I decided to invest in precious metals, that is Gold and Silver.

I’ll also share my research process where I:

· Evaluated 50 different dealers of precious metals

· How I traveled to California from Florida to check on one of the dealers

· And also how I chose my best place to buy and set my IRA account.

To start off, I’d like to comment that I believe that the government tries to control our investment decisions by keeping us out of focus from the most valuable investment assets for wealth building. This has succeeded through creation of ungrounded notions that our country has debt and also through our currency system.

I have learned this from the collapse of global economy in 2008, where one of my friends and his family lost a considerably large stake of their retirement accounts.

This influenced me to read investment discipline books such as Become your Own Banker, Think and Grow Rich and Rich Dad and Poor Dad, to learn more on how wealth is created, protected and also how to sustain it.

These books helped me understand that I should not only rely on the stock and other equities to control my financial freedom but also invest in other assets such as precious metals and real estate. I didn’t want to burry all my eggs in a single basket just as the "Oracle of Omaha" (Warren Buffet) teaches us, so I had to start with a small initial capital on how to own Gold and Silver.

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Why I Chose to Invest in Physical Assets

As read the books on wealth creation and management, I realized that most of the intelligent investors and multi-billionaires like Warren Buffet, Carlos Slim and even John Paulson have investments in Gold. This is when I started to see the financial freedom offered by these precious metals. First of all, Gold is one of the oldest and most valued metals. Together with Silver, these metals have been considered as alternatives to currency all over the Globe making them all-time valuable. Since Gold is its final stages of the bear market according to many investors, this is the best time to own gold and silver.

In the world of investors unlike that of speculators, history repeats itself. Historically such a bear market has been followed by a bull market in precious metals and we could therefore experience one soon. Depending on what you believe as the smart investor you are, this may be the upward curve in gold prices that has been predicted by the expert over the years. Since I’m not a financial investor, this is however my own reasoning I have shared. I will however share with you how I’ve been able to set a self-directed IRA account that has helped me invest in these precious metals and also how you should be concerned if you currently own the traditional 401(k), TSP, annuity or Roth accounts.

What type of Retirement Account Would I therefore Recommend?

While I was purchasing a few gold eagle and silver coins, I felt unsafe to store them on my closet and therefore had to research on a retirement account. This is when I came across a self-directed IRA or commonly known as Gold IRA. This account offered the diversity I was looking for when it came for my retirement account plan. This is because it offered me the chance to hold real estate, precious metals, my own business and even antiques in the account.

With this:

· I was no longer susceptible to the volatility of trading equities on the stock market.

· I had the ability to and freedom to control my own investment portfolios

· I was free from risks associated with government bonds and loses from the mutual funds

· Again, I was out of inflation fears and the devaluing of our currency

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What Did I Consider as I Chose My Right Gold Company?

As I researched and went through over 50 of the most popular gold IRA companies, my criteria revolved around 5 main factors. These included;

1. Company Reputation

2. Their Policies and Fees

3. Customer Service

4. The storage safety

5. Flexibility and History


A company that will be blown by a volatile market is not worth your time. You need a company that can withstand any market situation and still offer appealing value for your assets. To identify such a company, determine how long it has been in the precious metal business as this is one key indicator of how customers find it more appealing to invest in. Another factor to consider is the accreditation of the company its market watchdogs for example the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Business Consumer Alliance and Trustlink. A company that offers a variety of investment options is an added advantage to your investments.

Company Policies and Fees

Do you want to lose your profits through hidden costs? Of course no one wants that. Be keen on any company’s policies and all their fees before you enroll on their investment program. The best companies will always take you through their policies and fees and the whole process.

Customer Service

Your retirement investment account means a lot. You therefore need to enquire and research as much as possible on how the company handles all its customers, irrespective of their investment proportions. You want a company that will not sell you stories but rather give you the best value for your investments. If you have a friend or a colleague who has invested in precious metals, ask them about their companies and how the quality of service they receive.

The Storage Safety

This is one area that cannot be overlooked as a precious metals investor. I will always go for a company that offers segregated storage for my metals, since it’s the best storage option. Segregated type of storage simply means that every account holder has his or her own metals stored in their own places and thus there will be no mixing with other people’s metals. Other than this process being more secured, it also makes the liquidation process of your assets swifter.

Flexibility and History

You need a company that offers flexibility in how they offer their services from customer support to liquidation of your assets. A company with a grounded market experience, ability and willingness to grow you’re the value of your investment is also more appealing to work with.

Overall I found that the Top Gold IRA Rollover Company is GoldIRARolloverpros.com

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