Everyone is special in is own way

Disabilities in the world

There are millions of disabled people in the world , each of them has different and special disabilities . Some of them can't be around "normal" people but some of them can. It's really hard for their family, emotionally , physically and economic.

My point of view

I want to tell about a strong and a special woman who was born disabled. Her parents found out that she is disabled when she was two years old, they notice she couldn't walk like almost all the kids around her age. 20 years passed from that day and now her "best friend" it's her wheelchair. Because of her, her father opened more than 10 years ago an association for disabled people that called "Nitzany Rishon" . I think she is the strongest woman in the world because although she cant walk, dance, swim or do anything else that we can do without an effort, she is still happy, she is always with a big smile in her face, always laughing and telling jokes. When you talk to her you feel like you talk to completely a normal person. That special woman is my cousin.