Ethical Research Infographic

BY: Daniela Hernandez

Do Yo research boi!

Go to the Lakeview home page- about our school- media center-research, and you now got sources. To find out a nice research question you gota think, what am I looking for? Think to the basics and go from there. You wanna know about the civil war? Ask yo self what you want to know about the civil war and go from there, Kid.

What about them Keywords tho?

When you search google or something it only brings you the words you have typed, now if you take that into advantage like say civil war again; search something like civil war battle timeline, then you might get what you are looking for.
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What is an MLA citation?

An MLA citation is just sourcing yo resource in an MLA format which is the most common one. You'd have a ton of these on a work cited page which is just every single source on a page to show that they information you got is credible. You'd also want to in-text cite, which is just something to show the reader that you are going to be quoting something or someone. You can find a bunch of citation websites that cite them for you or you can use Word to create a citation.
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This Website Credible?

Ask yo self, what kind of URL is it (.com, .gov)? Do they got ads, if they do does it match with the stuff they saying? The author real, or is it just some random dude and the things to contact them ain't working (link to email and stuff).
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What is Plagiarism, Bruh?

Plagiarism is when you pull some cheap stuff and copy and paste or change like 5 words to make it seem like yo own. I know you do it so don't be typing something synonyms cuz that is also plagiarism, and you could be kicked out of school or in a lot of trouble if you do. And you supposed to have 60%-70% of the words you type is yo own words, and like 30% is quotes and stuff. Also, always check your work in something to make sure you don't accidentally copy something else and get blamed for it.
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Yo Dawg! What's the difference between quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing?

Quoting is when you use quotation marks (" these") and copy word for word what that thing says. Paraphrasing is using yo own words on what the person or thing said. Summarizing is when you put the author's main points but in yo own words.
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