Spanish speaking guy

Jose Zorrila

Spanish Romanticist and dramatist

Born: February 21,1817 ( Valladolid, Spain)

Died: January 13, 1893 (Madrid, Spain)

LIterary Movement: Romanticist

Plays: Don Juan Tenorio

Books: A Buen Juez, Mejor Testigo, El Punal del Godo....


Owner of the black toque, the purple of the nun, for a kiss from your mouth Boabdil gave to Granada. Give the best releases the most bizarre Zenete, and with its fresh greenery a whole bank of the Darro. Given the bullfight, and if they were in their hands, with the Moorish zambra the value of Christians. Give Oriental rugs, and armor and joss sticks, and gave both vouchers ... !, as forty riders. Because your eyes are beautiful, because the light of dawn up the East from them, and the world their light browns. Your lips are ruby, gala party for two ... He was pulled for you Crown of God. From your lips, smile, Peace your tongue mana ... light, air, and wind glitter morning. Oh, how beautiful Nazarene for an oriental harem, loose black mane glass on the neck, in velvet bed, a cloud of aroma, and wrapped in white veil daughters of Muhammad! Come to Cordoba, Christian, sultana you will be there, and the Sultan will, oh !, sultana a slave for you. It will give you much wealth, so Tunisian gala, who will judge your beauty to pay, petty. Owner of the black toque, for a kiss from your mouth Boabdil him a kingdom; and therefore Christian, I would willingly thousand heavens, if they were thousand

TPCASTT (Oriental)

T- Zorrilla's poem might be speaking about nature and as well as the life in the city.

P- Western is going basically connecting to a "Certain Young Lady", because it is too talking about a beautiful woman with her amazing aroma that is insanely possessive. But at the end it's actually referring to the city as a woman, because it's so gentle and soothing as a lady.

C-Peace( how everything can go really smooth) Thousand Heavens

A- Their tone is mostly very calming and relaxing. As if it's talking about a life time vacation.

S- The shift from the beginning to the end is very fast, because in the beginning it is really admiring and low key obsessive, because it makes you believe that it is talking about a girl. Now at the end it is showing us that it is speaking about a very beautiful city.

T- the title isn't really similar to the poem. Somewhat it is but at the same time it is not!

T. the theme would be that there's no better place like home because you'll always feel proud of where you come from.