Bunch Family Traditions

by: Brendan Bunch

1. Thanksgiving

Every year for Thanksgiving my mother's parents and her sister's family come over to our house and we have a Thanksgiving feast. We always say we are going to eat at 1 o'clock but every year we run late and end up eating around 2.

2. Hunting

My father and I go hunting together every year during first and second shotgun season. We have done this ever since I started hunting at 7 years old. Every year we get up around 4:30 in the morning to go out and hunt in the morning. This is one of the traditions I will continue with my children. I think learning how to hunt and handle a gun are extremely valuable lessons for a child to learn at a young age.

3. Super Bowl

Every year for the Super Bowl my family and I make ribs and some other miscellaneous foods to celebrate and watch the game. We have been doing this for as long as I can remember.

4. Going to church

I am a Christian and my family and I have been going to church almost every Sunday since I was a toddler. I will continue this tradition with my family because faith is a huge part of my life and I think it should be a huge part of my life as I grow older too.

5. Visiting my grandparents

Every now and then my family heads over to my grandparents house just to visit. We go over for a little while and hangout on the porch and talk or make food and have a nice dinner together.

6. Weddings

We are a pretty normal family when it comes to having weddings. We just have normal wedding in a church and then my entire extended family goes and gets intoxicated at the reception. The normal central Illinois wedding.

7. Funerals

My family looks at funerals as more of a celebration of life. While my family grieves the loss of a loved one, we sure don't dress in black. For example, the last funeral we attended as a family we all wore Chicago Cubs jerseys to the funeral and once again my entire extended family got intoxicated at the reception.

8. Family Members Serving

My family has several members serving in our armed forces and when they get deployed to other countries we throw huge parties. We get the entire family together and party all night and send them away with tears and hugs in the morning. It's pretty darn American.

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9. Divorces

If someone in my family gets a divorce we throw them a huge party. It is pretty weird but it is a lot of fun. We throw parties for just about anything.

10. Christmas

For Christmas my family goes to church on Christmas eve. The next morning we open presents under the tree and have dinner with my grandparents that afternoon. Later that night we go over to my aunt's house and celebrate with my dad's family.

The Three Terms

Cultural Particular- The celebrating of Thanksgiving and Christmas are cultural particulars for my family because not all cultures celebrate these holidays like ours does.

Beliefs- going to church with my family is part of our beliefs because we believe in Jesus Christ and go to church to worship him.

Values- My family values our country and those that are willing to put their life on the line for it. This is why we throw parties for our family members that are making that sacrifice for our freedom.