China 1 Child Policy

Help us fix this.

Why do we want to fix this?

We want to fix this policy because of many reasons one of them is that a family is not completed by One child there has to be at least 2 or 3.

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How does it affect that one Child?

They can feel like they are missing something in life for example that can lead to loneliness.
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Not everthing is going horrible about this.

This policy does not take all around in China. Just in bigger parts of China but with effort it can be all around China.
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People who tries to break this suffers

This is because is how China is breaking other human rights as well. The same thing happens with people for other human rights as well.
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This is affecting more people than you think

This one policy is affecting lots of people in China and some even out of China who just wants to help.
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