Online Media

Create multimedia projects your audience can view online.

Online presentations have the power to be interactive. You can share your presentation online by providing a link or URL.

Whether you want to create a web flyer with a vertical stream of information, an interactive image with a single background, or a poster with a collage of images, you can hyperlink websites and embed additional images, video, and audio.

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Guiding Questions:


  • Does my organization make sense in relation to my content? (linear for progressive or sequential info, random for varied topics with no order necessary)


  • Did I choose my image(s) appropriately to reflect my topic?
  • Does my background and color scheme support my topic without distracting?
  • Is my text font legible? Did I use consistent font(s)? (try not to use more than 3 fonts)
  • Have I organized my media well?

Is my text free of errors?

Is my presentation user-friendly?