British Worker Gives U.S Vital Info

Samuel Slater disguises himself as a farmer and comes to U.S

Samuel Slater

Samuel Slater is a British worker who came to the U.S and with him he brought his memory of the layout of the mill. The mill is the fastest and most efficient way to spin the wool. This replaces the loom. Samuel Slater left Britten because he felt that the mill should be shared to the U.S.

The Mills

The mills are powered by the water and not by oxen. They are running out the other small businesses. It was a in the form of a factory. These factories are used to spin the wool and weave it. The factories were expensive to build but the mills were easy to use and cheap. This means the owner of the factories made there money back pretty quick.

The Workers

The workers are plentiful and work for cheap. The adults make low money. They hire children to work the easy jobs. The children are paid in one week, what the adults make in one day. In my opinion though, I think the are lucky to get paid at the age of 12.

The Working Conditions

The workers work days from 12 to 14 hours. They have one 45 minute break for lunch. The windows for the factories are closed because the wind could affect the wool. This leads to very dusty working conditions. The air is not clean, and it affects the workers throughts.


Samuel Slater starts the Industrial Revolution!

The North and South Times

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