Team 8-2 News

Mr. Anderson, Mrs. Holloway, Mr. Salser, Ms. Waxman

General News!

Week of January 11th-15th:

Greetings! One week down, and 17 to go! With that in mind, we'd like to share a few pointers to help us make the most of that time. We have been gradually trying to help our students prepare themselves for the changes that will face them next year as they begin their high school years. Some of those keys include regular/ timely attendance, completing assignments and turning them in on time, and striving for behaviors that promote a learning environment for all. We have seen many of our students strive to achieve all of these each and every day, while others have caught on to some, but are still working on others. One area of concern still seems to be late or missing assignments. Please remember:

* Late/ Missing assignments will be indicated with a "0"

* Opportunities to complete these assignments/ alternative assignments are provided at the teacher's discretion.

* It is the student's responsibility to be aware of missing work and make arrangements with the teacher involved to complete it.

*Work completed after the due date may not be immediately entered into PowerSchool...Please allow teachers adequate time to grade or enter these scores.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

Report Cards Home- Wednesday, January 13th (Please sign and return envelope)

No School ( Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday)- Monday, January 18th

WOW/ZAP - Thursday, January 21st and 28th (by teacher invitation only)

High School Information Night for AP classes - Tuesday, February 2nd, 6-7:30 pm

Language Arts- Ms. Waxman

Welcome back! This week we will be beginning our novel, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, John Boyne. Our annotations activities for this novel will focus on the literary terms that we were discussed during the first semester. We will also be exploring verbals; these include gerunds, infinitives, and participles. Our root word focus is on all things "GREAT and small". A StudyStack set is available for more practice at home on these.

Quick reminder that this week will be our first full week of TweenTribune nightly reading homework. Students have until Sunday at noon to complete reading at least 5 articles of their choosing and the quizzes that go along with them. Today we discussed adjusting the lexile level if they are not seeing continued improvements with their scores.. Their reading time should be increasing to 30-45 minutes each day.

Math- Mrs. Holloway

This week in Mathematics:

We are working on the final content for our unit on relations and functions. Tomorrow we will be working on a task in class to identify the different representations of relations and functions. Wednesday through Friday we will be working on rate of change and recognizing it in tables and equations. Only some students have homework tonight if they did not finish the word problem worksheet in class, or a few problems from this weekend’s homework. They will have homework Wednesday and Thursday night. They will not have homework tomorrow unless they do not complete the class work assigned. Our Mastery Assessment is scheduled for next week on Wednesday and Thursday. They will have to identify, create, and explain the different representations of relations and functions, and they will have to identify, compare, and explain rates of change in tables and equations. Our next unit is a continuation of this unit, but we will only be looking at functions. Looking forward to a great week.

K. Holloway

Social Studies- Mr. Salser

This week we are studying the Bourbons (Bourbon Triumvirate), Populists, and the early Progressive movement from the 1880 to 1910. We are going to look into John Gordon, Alfred Colquitt, and Joseph Brown also known as the Bourbon Triumvirate. We will also focus on Hoke Smith’s role in the Progressive Party and Tom Watson’s role in the Populists Party.

Tim Salser

Science- Mr. Anderson

In science, we are starting motion and forces. Compared to other topics in physics, this is fairly straight forward and is an opportunity for those who do not have a taste for science to have high scores! Check powerschool often! Thank you.