Tech Notes September 2014

"Seek First the Kingdom"

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Notes from Linda

Elementary Math Resources Page in Haiku

Hello Friends, As Rhonda shared in an earlier email, a listing of all of the math resources that have been shared with you has been created. The information is located in Haiku on the Extras tab. To access the Elementary Math Resources Class, go to your portal page in Haiku and click on the Extras tab (on the left side of the portal page next to the word classes). Please let me know of additional resources that may be added.


Thank you for your patience and assistance with the iPads. When inputting the Apple ID information for each iPad, it was determined that another step has to be completed by Technology in order for the apps to deploy. This will take time to complete. Mr. Grey has been working on this process. I will come to your classroom to assist him in the Apple ID process. If you will leave your Apple ID cards (locked) inside the cart, this will be very helpful to us as we work with the iPads. Also, if there is an iOS update notice on the iPad, please install the update. Thanks for your assistance.

Install the Latest iOS Update

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Connectivity and Apple TV Problems

If connectivity (WiFi connections) or Apple TV problems arise, please submit a HelpDesk ticket. It has been requested that the following information be included in the HelpDesk ticket.


1. Time of Issue

2. Location/ Room number

3. Reset AppleTV, yes/no?

4. Does AppleTV prompt for AirPlay connect code?

5. Which application was being used when connection dropped?

6. Was a video stream in use when the connection dropped?

7. Ensure you are disconnecting from AirPlay when the connection is no longer needed. Do not simply close the lid of your laptop or turn off iPad.

8. AirPlay issue occurred via MacBook or iPad or both?


1. Time of issue

2. Location / Room number

3. Devices affected (iPads, laptop, iMac, etc) and all devices or partial

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Wordly Wise--Third through Fifth Grades

Since the apps are still being installed on the iPads, Wordly Wise is not available for use at school. Students may access Wordly Wise at home on their computer/laptop or through the Wordly Wise 3000 app. The following information should be used for the students to access Wordly Wise at home.

Link for use on the computer/laptop:

Domain address for use on a tablet:

The appropriate link below may be used to download the application for a tablet.

Apple App Store:

Google Play:

Amazon Appstore:

Have a Wonderful Week!