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There is a kind of competition between men and women especially and each demands its rights while men want them to be recognized download adventure movies torrents for free as the strongest and women must comply in any women not to be outdone.

“Amelia” demonstrates that a woman is free to do whatever she wants and ambition not take into account gender and on this principle goes heroine of this film which shows us that there are no jobs especially for women and others for men only.

There are just some activities and if they do face and prove you're the best in that area then continue to develop yourself further and if you choose not resist else and Amelia Earhart is what is proud not only managed to highlight the activities supposed to be only for men but her ambition beyond any border.

It took the chance and if at first had some emotions like normal and later made her guts because she was convinced that is the way she wants to follow and therefore it could not prevent anyone fly over the Atlantic Ocean.

Over it is also the first to cross without any stop SUA and everyone was at her her feet literally not only figuratively but the road to this success was a hard one because she has to work hard because no pleasure without effort.

She knew from the first that aviation should go for it hers and gave her full attention and the results were immediate and achieved record after record even though the first had to do all this on an airplane that belonged model Lockheed Vega.

But not discouraged and defied the impossible and since then nobody has been able to stop since she decided to become pilot showing everyone that if you really want something and you're talented above all is possible.

You can not miss this adventure of a true hero but a life story that you never know when it will be yours but for this not let that hope die because all happens at the right time and place and you must be ready for any opportunity that will change your life movies torrents free download.

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