The Power of Reading


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Thank you Teachers for all the hard work you do in promoting the importance of reading with our students. This six weeks we added 20 more Millionaire Readers , all in just one six weeks.

Congratulations to our Newest Millionaire Readers

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Salma Santiago Martinez

PSJA Early College High School Millionaire Reader: Salma Santiago Martinez has read over 4 million words. Students at PSJA ECHS are challenged to read over a million words in one year. For Salma one million words is not enough, she loves to read, and makes it a point to always have a book in her hand. GREAT JOB SALMA! We are very proud of you.


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Melina Paredes - Winner of IPAD & Letterman jacket

Students are encouraged to read and take an AR test throughout the school year. For every book a student reads and test they fill out a form to be held in a drawing for an IPAD and letterman jacket. Congratulations to Melina Paredes for winning both IPAD and letterman jacket.

Mrs. Nyrma Perez - Literacy Star

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Our TOP Literacy Star goes out to Mrs. Nyrma Perez, Thank you ......for inspiring your students to read. Congratulations to you and your students in 3rd & 4th period class your students were the TOP class for the 3rd six weeks with the most books read, and earned 798 Accelerated Reader Points.


This past December was the Free Book distribution for all families within the PSJA ISD school. Administrators , Teachers , & Staff could get up to 25 free books. PSJA Librarians come together throughout the week to organize over 40,000 books for this great event. A special THANK YOU to Ms. Alma Castillo students for helping with organizing and arranging books for the big day. Your help was greatly appreciated.
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Texas Media Awards

The Texas Media Awards Contest promotes excellence in amateur media production and its importance in life-long learning. A special THANK YOU to all the students that submitted their work and for representing our school in this event.

Let's get ready to READ- Friday February 26,2015

5th annual Read the Most from COAST to COAST

Teachers mark your calendars, stop by the library with your students to checkout books to read. Let's see how many students we can get to read on this BIG day. On this day our students will join up with students from across the nation to celebrate the love of reading. Students can track their success with AR test, and you can watch their progress. Come by the library to have your students checkout books and to checkout a class set everyone can read together. Hope to see you in the library.

Student email accounts

Get a training from the librarian for students emails. Students will get a hands on activity to send you an assignment by email and learn how to use the districts students email account. Stop by and signup your classes to get your students ready and trained.


*Lets go paperless

*Send an attachment

*PowerPoint & Microsoft word

The Region One Technology Conference 2016 Needs a Logo!

Graphic Design students from PSJA ECHS, have entered the contest of the Technology Logo in Region One ESC. This contest is an annual contest that allows students to design a logo and gives them the opportunity to see their work in actual products. Last year Abraham Palacios from Mrs. Enciso class won this contest, with over 200 logos that were submitted throughout the region. Teacher's let's do this again. Click on the link for more information. Good Luck to Mrs. Enciso and her students, let's win this contest again.

Congratulations to PSJA Early College High School Erick Gonzalez from Mrs. Enciso's class. Erick is the winner for the Region One Technology logo contest, second time PSJA ECHS wins this big award from over 200 entries.

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Writing a good research paper

So many students walk into the library to work on a research paper and yet have no idea where to search the internet for the correct resources. Using a search engine and picking the top three results isn’t necessarily the best method of researching. Our students need to use critical thinking to thoroughly read every source and determine if it is legitimate. Teachers if you are planning to assign a research paper, an essay or just an assignment and your students need to search the internet we have just the perfect websites for them. Stop by the library to reserve the lab for your students to get the proper training on how to use our databases.

NEW Tech Tools

New Technology for Student projects -

Websites , apps and devices help the way students learn. Teachers we have new ways for students to do a research paper with new technology apps. Stop by the library to signup your classes when you are ready for a project or research paper. Click on the links to get

Sway - great student projects

Smore - great newsletters , flyers , and student proejcts

Tackk - students create their own project , very simple to use , add color pallets , pictures and video to make your project look nicer.

WeVideo - great to make book trailer projects , or just to add video to your project

Teacher projects-

GoFormative - assessment tools - create your own quizzes/reviews. Bring your class to the lab to take the test and get results immediately. Your students will love taking quizzes and test after you try this with them. Stop by and see me for a review on how to use this free program.

InstaGrok - awesome visual tool with interactive visuals , research engine that let's you search by any subject , includes graphic maps

Upcoming Events in the Library

* Blind Date with a Book - Luncheon February 17,2016

* Region One Technology Contest - due January 26,2016

* Book Club Meeting - February 11, 2016

* Read the Most from Coast to Coast - February 29,2016

Book Club is currently reading

Wonder By R.J. Palacios

You can't blend in when you were born to stand out.
My name is August. I won't describe what I look like. Whatever you're thinking, it's probably worse.

August Pullman wants to be an ordinary ten-year-old. He does ordinary things. He eats ice cream. He plays on his Xbox. He feels ordinary - inside.But Auggie is far from ordinary. Ordinary kids don't make other ordinary kids ......

Join us for our next Book Club meeting February 10,2016.

Wonder - Book Trailer