Hi, I'm Mercutio. Read Below to learn all about me :)

About Me

Name: Mercutio

House: Montague nor Capulet

Age: Around 20 years old

Location: Verona

Family: - Brother: Valentine

- Blood Relative: Prince Escalus and Count Paris

Job: Kinsmen to the Prince

Best Friend: Romeo and Benvolio

About Me: I am very funny and everyone loves me. I am very skeptic and I love to mock love

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Today I convinced Romeo to go to Lord Capulet's Party (I got really drunk). Romeo the little sook didn't come back after the party because he got so upset about Rosaline not loving him. He so needs to get over her but he never will.

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Romeo and his Love Life

I can't believe Romeo and Juliet are LOVERS, this is so funny. This is the perfect time to make fun of my friend. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Today is a New Day

I'm going to hang around with Romeo, Benvolio and all my other friends today it's going to be so fun!
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