The Mexican Bobcat

Help Save this Endangered Animal

If you are looking for a brief description of the Mexican Bobcat............ you are at the right place!

The Bobcat is a mammal from the Feline Family. It is a medium sized cat about four feet tall and 13 to 30 lbs. in weight. The Bobcat has ruff fur around the side of its face looking as if it has sideburns.

Bobcats and their food...

Mexican Bobcats generally eat rodents, jack rabbits, birds, deer, and peccaries. The Bobcat is a carnivore and eats small animals but no plants. The Bobcat is major prey for humans. Ofcourse the humans don't eat the bobcat, but skin them and sell the bobcat's pelt. Do you really want this to happen to the poor bobcat's? If you really feel for them then please help.


Please help save the Bobcat

Adaption of the Mexican Bobcat

The Mexican Bobcats are light grey to a reddish brown in color. They are small and so are their tails compared to the other members of the Feline family. They are naturally powerful while hunting just like the other cats. They do not hunt in packs.

Are people trying to help?.....................yes! let's see how.

Bobcats are one of the most heavily hunted out of the feline family for their pelt. Even after it was made illegal, over 40,000 are still killed. Mexican Bobcats became endangered in the year of 1976. To help, people are collaring the Bobcats so that people can not kill them.
Active Bobcat


Please try to help this poor species!

They are dying at this moment because people are hunting them!


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