Edwards Syndrome

By:Sam Nuding


Trisomy 18 is another common name for Edwards Syndrome. The disorder is caused by an extra 18 chromosome and it leads to severe developmental delays. This disorder is very rare but roughly 20,000 cases appear in the U.S every year and if someone gets one of these you have to get a medical diagnosis along with lab tests or imaging. Symptoms include: defects in organs that can be life threatening, small shaped head, low birth weight, and widely spaced eyes.


Mainly babies can get the disorder but it is possible for older people to obtain this life threatening disorder. This is neither dominant nor recessive. Along with not being a sex-linked inheritance but this is caused by nondisjunction because there are extra copies of chromosome 18. There is no exact cure yet, but options for treatments include, heart medications, therapy, and surgeries. When a child gets Edwards Syndrome they usually do not survive past 5 or 6 days and sometimes 1 month. There is no way to prevent this but if the child sadly never usually lives past the age 1. Scientists and others are trying to find a cure and there has been no confirmation on if a new treatment or cure is coming out soon.


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