The Challenge of the Hero's Journey

3 Stages

Stage One


1. The Call to Adventure-life is about to change

2. Refusal of the call-may stem from fear, duty, obligation or insecurity

3. The beginning of the adventure-begins the quest

Help me Obi Wan Kanobi you're my only hope
The Lion King - Simba & Nala's Argument (English)
Shrek & Donkey Going On A Quest

Stage two


The road of trials-a series of tests

The experience of unconditional love-experiences of unconditional love by others

The ultimate boon-the quest is achieved

Shrek Escape From The Dragon Scene
Shrek - That's what friends are for
Shrek Wedding

Stage 3-Return

Refusal of the return-when the hero does not necessarily want to return the gift/boon or return to a "normal" life because of fears of unchanged or pain and trouble in the real world.

Magic Flight-when the hero accepts the risks and adventures that come with being a hero.

Rescue from without-people in the hero's life who serve as a moral compass of truth, hope and unconditional love

The crossing, or return threshold-hero maintains the wisdom they have gained from the process of becoming a hero and how to apply that knowledge to their backstory and how to share that knowledge with the world.